Annisteen Allen

MI0002381602[1]King- January 28, 1953

Trying To Live Without You          #4622
My Baby Keeps Rolling                   #4622
Yes, I Know                                        #4608
Baby I’m Doin’ It                              #4606

Henry Glover- trumpet; Jimmy Buchanan –Alto sax; bar. sax; John Greer-Ten sax; Don Abney- piano; Raphael Barrow- guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Les Erskine- drums.

King – May 25, 1953

Wanted                                            # 4642
I Don’t Want No Substitute        # 4691
Down By The River                       # 4691
My Brand Of Loving                     #4642

Henry Glover-trumpet; Jimmy Buchanan-alto, bar. sax; John Greer- ten sax; Don Abney-piano;
Mickey Baker-guitar; Clarence Bobby Donaldson-drums

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*Lloyd Trotman Discography

My Brand Of Loving- Annisteen Allen