Isley Brothers

1280x720-cV6[1]RCA Victor Recorded July 29 or August 5, 1959- released September 21, 1959

Shout part 1                          RCA 47-7588
Shout part 2
Produced by Hugo and Luigi
**NO MUSICIANS LISTED. However, Lloyd Trotman stated that he remembers making this record and his financial record book and appointment book indicates that he worked for RCA Victor on both of these dates, July 29 and August 5,1959
**** July 1959


RCA Victor Studio A recorded April 26, 1960 -released June 1960
Open Up Your Heart                             RCA 47-7746
Gypsy Love Song                                     –
Al Chernet; Charles Macey-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Jimmie Crawford-drums; Morris Wechsler-piano; Bob Burns-sax; produced by Hugo and Luigi


Tell Me Who

RCA Victor Studio A recorded July 28, 1960 – released September 1960

Say You Love Me Too                                 RCA 47-7787
Tell Me Who                                                  –
Carl Lynch; Wally Richardson-guitars; Lloyd Trotman–bass; Panama Francis-drums; Joe Marshall-drums;
Ernie Hayes-piano; Herman Stevens-organ; King Curtis-tenor sax; Frank Henry- bar. sax;
Sammy Lowe-arranger; produced by Hugo an Luigi


** Lloyd Trotman’s financial record date book records an RCA Victor record date with Bob Burns on April 26,1960 and July 28,1960 RCA Victor record date with Sammy Lowe ***http.// April 1960, July 1960