Du Droppers

Recorded December 16,1953 –

Dead Broke *                Groove 4G-0001
I Only Had a Little        RCA EP EGA-2
I Only Had A Little (fast version) originally not released
Everett Barksdale-guitar; Al Williams-piano; Sam Taylor-sax; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Joe Marshall-drums

Give Me Some Consideration

Recorded April 1, 1955

Talk that talk *                                         4G-0104 Groove EP-EGA-2 6/55
Give Me Some Consideration               4G-0104
Your Mine Already                                  Groove 0120
I Wanna Thank You                                 unreleased

Mickey Baker- guitar; Ray Tunia; Bud Johnson- sax; Haywood Henry- sax ;Lloyd Trotman- bass; Marty Wilson-; Herb Lovelle-drums

Talk That Talk

June 27,1955          Groove       EP EGA-5
Smack Dab In the Middle*          Groove EP EGA-5
That’s All I Need –
A Story Untold –
Rollin’ Stone –
Wally Richardson-guitar; Sam Taylor-sax; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Marty Wilson-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano

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