Lavern Baker

Atlantic Records- June 19,1953

1077          You’ll Be Crying                                                      Atlantic LP 8002
1079          Soul On Fire                                                            Atlantic 1004
1078         How Can You Leave A Man Like This                Atlantic 1004
1080         Real Gone Guy                                                         unissued
Freddie Mitchell-ten sax; Ernest” Pinky” Williams-bar sax; Hank Jones-piano; Jimmy Lewis- guitar;Lloyd Trotman-bass; Sylvester”Vess” Payne-drums; Gene Redd- arranger, director

Atlantic Records- March 25,1954

1248                 Living My Life For You                                   Atlantic 1030
1249                 Stop Pulling On My Man                                unissued
1250                 I’m In a Crying Mood                                     Atlantic LP8002
1251                  I Can’t Hold Out Any Longer                        Atlantic 1030
Taft Jordan-trumpet; Sam Taylor-tenor sax’; Dave McRae baritone sax; Al Williams-piano;
Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums; Jesse Stone-arranger, director

Atlantic Records-October 20,1954

1331                       Of Course I Do                    Atlantic LP8002
1312                       Tomorrow Night                Atlantic 1047
1333                       You Better Stop                  Atlantic LP 8071
1334                       Tweedlee Dee                      Atlantic 1047
Sam Taylor-ten sax; Connie Kay- drums; rest unknown
*Lloyd Trotman financial records indicate that he worked for Atlantic Records on Oct. 20, 1954
and was paid for that Oct. 20, 1954 session.

Atlantic Records-July 14,1955

1608                    Play It Fair                            Atlantic 1075
1609                    Fee-Fi- Fo- Fum                   unissued
1610                    Lucky Old Sun                     Atlantic 1075
1611                    You Better Stop                    Atlantic EP 575
Emmett Berry, Shad Collins- trumpet; Lawrence Brown-trombone; Sam Taylor-tenor Sax;
Dave McRae-bar sax; unknown piano; unknown guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; unknown drums

December 21,1955

1783                         Mine All Mine                       Atlantic LP 8002
1784-1                      Jim Dandy                           Atlantic 1116
1785                         My Happiness Forever        Atlantic 1087
1786                         Fee Fi Fo Fum                       Atlantic 1093
Sam Taylor ten sax; Dave McCrae-bar sax; John Barrows-fr.horn; Ernie Hayes-piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass
George Barnes or Mickey Baker-guitar; possibly Panama Francis-drums; Teddy Charles-vb; producers: Jerry Wexler and Armet Ertegun

*History of Rhythm & Blues from Roy Brown to James Brown part 2 volume 11 p.39 compiled by Claus Rohnisch
**Lloyd Trotman financial records shows he recorded with Howard Biggs at Atlantic Records on this day Dec.21, 1955.

Atlantic Records-Jan.10, 1956

1809-2                       Tra-La- La                                                   Atlantic 1116
1810                            Miracles                                                       Atlantic 1163
1811                            Get Up, Get Up (You Sleepy Head)       Atlantic 1087
1812                            I’ll Still Do The Same                                Atlantic 1093
John Barrows- French horn; Sam Taylor- ten saxophone; Dave McRae-bar sax; Teddy Charles- vibraphone; Ernie Hayes-piano; George Barnes-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums.

Atlantic Records- February 9, 1957

2338                      The Game Of Love                              Atlantic 1136
2339                       Learning To Love                               Atlantic 1176
2340                       Humpty Dumpty Heart                    Atlantic 1150
Sam Taylor-ten. sax; Budd Johnson-bar. sax; Phil Kraus-xylophone; Dick Hyman-piano; Al Caiola-banjo; George Barnes- guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall –drums; Quincy Jones-arranger, director.

Atlantic Records- August 28, 1957

2740                           Full Time Baby                         unissued
2741                            St. Louis Blues                         Atlantic 1163
2742                           You Love Me                              unissued
Taft Jordan-trumpet; Jerome Richardson- tenor sax; Moe Wechsler-piano; Allen Hanlon, Charles Macy-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Billy Mure- arranger, director.

*Atlantic Records Discography Project -1953-1957
**Lloyd Trotman’s personal papers and financial records for 1953 to 1957