Big John Greer

February 8, 1955 NYC RCA Victor Studio 2

F5JB 1307         Soon, Soon, Soon                         Groove 4/G0108
F5JB 1310        Lucky, Lucky Me                           Groove 4/G0100
F5JB 1308        I’m Glad For Your Sake               Groove 4/G0108
F5JB 1309        Will I Be The One                          BCD15554
Big John Greer vocals; Leroy Kirkland-leader; Sam The Man Taylor-tenor sax; Haywood-bar sax;
Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano.

August 5, 1955 NYC

F5JB 5777            Come Back Maybelline                  Groove 4/G0119
F5JB 5778            Can’t Stand It Any Longer            Bear Family BCD15554
F5JB 5779            Night Crawlin’                                 Groove 4/G0119
F5JB 5780            Blam                                                  Groove 4/G0131
Big John Greer- vocals, tenor sax; Budd Johnson tenor sax; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Sammy Evans-drums; Leroy Kirkland-leader; Four Students-vocals.
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*** Rockin’ With Big John – Bear Family Records BCD 15554 liner notes

Can’t Stand It Any Longer

Night Crawlin’