71GBl41oqtL._SL1185_[1]April 17-18, 1956 New York City.

Ten tracks recorded
For the first Mercury LP, simply titled “The Platters”
(Mercury MG20146)

Four tracks were released as singles.
1.“My Prayer” (Mercury 70893 June 6)
2.“Heaven on Earth’ (Mercury 70893 June 6)
3.“On My Word Of Honor”(Mercury 71011,Nov.12)
4.“I’m Sorry”(Mercury 71032, Jan. 30,1957)
5.“Someone To Watch Over Me”
6.“At Your Beck And Call”
7.“Glory Of Love”
8.“Have Mercy”
9.“Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered”
10“ Remember When”
*In The Can April 1956
Feb. 14,1956 Mercury Sound Studio New York City”
11.“You’ve Got That Magic Touch”   Mercury (70819 Feb 20)
12.“Winner Take All”

My Prayer

*In The Can Feb.1956 Members.