Various Artists

FINE AS WINE 1952-1956

May 4,1955
DA-339        Don’t Leave Me Baby                         JAY DEE 803
Taft Jordan –trumpet; Jimmy Cleveland-trombone; Dave McRrae-alto sax; Sam Taylor- tenor sax; Joe Evans- bar.sax; Ernie Hayes- piano; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Specs Bailey-drums.
January 18,1956
Hi Ya, Honey                              Davis 444
Can’t Wait Any Longer             Davis 450
DA-360              Listen To Dr. JIVE                     JAY-DEE 777
Sam Taylor- ten sax; Haywood Henry-bar.sax; Howard Biggs-piano; Clifton “skeeter” Best- guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums.
*Fine As Wine 1952-1956 Interstate Music Ltd. FLYRIGHT FLY CD 30
*Lloyd Trotman Discography

THE CHESTNUTS  April 11,1956
Brother Ben                        –
Forever I Vow                    Davis 452
Love Is True                       Davis 447
It’s You I Love                   –

Reuben White- Violin; Sam Taylor- ten sax; Howard Biggs-piano; Clifton” Skeeter” Best-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis- drums.
*Lloyd Trotman discography

PHYLLIS BRANCH New York- Tuxedo 1954

T2522          From Now On
T2523          El Cubanchero           Tuxedo 894
Lloyd Trotman Trio Lloyd Trotman-bass; Ernie Hayes-piano; Joe Marshall-drums; Haywood Henry –director
*Lloyd Trotman Discography

SARAH MCLAWLER  King- May 21, 1952

K8237              Please Try To Love Me                                            King 4549
K8238              I’m Just Another One In Love With You            King4561
K8239              Ready, Willing and Able                                         King 4549
K8240              Romance In The Dark                                             King 4561

Lloyd Trotman-bass; Harold Clark-ten sax; Sonny Thompson-piano; Everett Barksdale-guitar; Les Erskine-drums; Eddie Allen Newble-
*Lloyd Trotman Discography

BRACEY EVERETT  December 12,1958

A-3280          Lover’s Curse                     Atlantic 2013
A-3281           I Want Your Love              Atlantic 2013

Billy Mure- guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; King Curtis –ten sax; Sy Mann-piano; Belton ’sticks’ Evans-drums; arranged by Billy Mure
*Roy Simonds’ King Curtis discography
THE ROAMERS  March 14, 1955        Savoy 1156
Chop Chop Ching A Ling           Never Let Me Go

Sam Taylor- ten sax; Budd Johnson- bar sax; Ernie Hayes-piano; Mickey Baker- guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Dave Bailey-drums; Leroy Kirkland arranger, director.

THE DREAMS  March 14, 1955
I’ll Be Faithful             Savoy 1157
My Little Honeybun
Sam Taylor- tenor sax; Budd Johnson-bar.sax; Ernie Hayes-piano; Mickey Baker-guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Dave Bailey-drums; Leroy Kirkland-arranger,director.
*Marv Goldberg’s R&B Notebook

April 4, 1955       RCA Victor Studio 1       New York City

F5JB 3102          Hot Rotten Soda Pop           Groove 4/G 0110
F5JB 3103           So Near and Yet So Far      Groove 4/G 0110
Leroy Lovett –arranger/leader; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Herb Lovelle-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Haywood Henry baritone sax; Sam Taylor- ten sax; Earl Warren-alto sax
*The Cues Why Bear Family CD 2008 BCD 15510 AH linernotes


June 17,1954      RCA Victor    Studio 1

E4 HB4396       Lady Luck                                           Bear Family BCD15419
E4 HB4397       When Your Finished Talkin’            –
E4 HB 4398     Day Old Bread                                     Groove 0028
E4 HB4399       Give A Little Time                               –
Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Wayne Robinson-drums; Freddie Washington-piano;
Haywood Henry-bar sax; Leslie Johnakins-sax; Sam Taylor- tenor sax; Danny Kessler-producer
*The Treniers -Bear Family Records 2010 Hamergen, Germany BCD16164
**The Treniers –Hey Sister Lucy Bear Family Records VOLLERSODE West Germany 1988 BCD 15419