Joe Turner


Atlantic Records-February 15,1954
1209         Shake Rattle And Roll                                                     Atlantic 1026
1210          Time After Time                                                               unissued
1211           In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)           Atlantic EP 565
1212           Well Alright                                                                      Atlantic 1040
1213            How Deep Is The Ocean                                               unissued
unknown trumpet; Wilbur DeParis-trombone; Sam Taylor- ten sax; Haywood Henry- bar.sax;
Jesse Stone-piano; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Connie Kay-drums

Atlantic Records- January 28, 1955

1424           Morning, Noon and Night                   Atlantic 1080
1425            Ti-Ri-Lee                                                 unissued
1426            Hide And Seek                                      Atlantic 1069
1427            Flip, Flop and Fly                                 Atlantic 1053
Al Sears-ten. Sax; Jesse Stone- piano, director; probably Connie Kay-drums.
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial record books indicate that he worked at Atlantic Records with Jesse Stone on Jan.28,1955 and received overtime for this date.


Atlantic Records- November 3, 1955

1687                     The Chicken And The Hawk (Up, Up And Away)             Atlantic 1080
1688                      Boogie Woogie Country Girl                                                Atlantic 1088
Wilbur De Paris-trombone; Haywood Henry-bar. sax; Harry Van Walls-piano; Connie Kay-drums.
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial records show that he worked at Atlantic Records with Jesse Stone on
Nov.3, 1955 and received overtime on this date.

Atlantic Records-February 24, 1956

1884                       Corrine, Corrina                                             Atlantic 1088
1885                       Lipstick, Powder, and Paint                         Atlantic 1103
1886                       Rock Awhile                                                    Atlantic 1103
1887                        Nothing In Mind                                            unissued
Jimmy Nottingham, Dick Vance- trumpet; Earl Warren- alto sax; Sam Taylor Tenor sax;
Ernie Hayes- piano; George Barnes, Billy Mure-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass;
Panama Francis- drums.

Atlantic Records-November 20, 1956

2219                  After A While                               Atlantic 1131
2220                 Midnight Special Train              Atlantic 1122
2221                  Red Sails In The Sunset             Atlantic 1131
2222                  Feelin’ Happy                              Atlantic 1122
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial records indicates that he worked at Atlantic Records with Jesse Stone

Howlin’ Winds

on Nov.20, 1956 and received overtime on this date.

Atlantic Records – October 2, 1957

2802                  Teenage Letter                                Atlantic 1167
2803                  Wee Baby Blues                              Atlantic 1167
2804                  Blue Moon                                       unissued
2805                  Howlin’ Winds                                  –
Jerome Richardson-alto sax; Sam Taylor- alto sax; Mike Stoller –piano; Allen Hanlon,
Mundell Lowe-guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Panama Francis-drums; Jesse Stone-arranger.

Atlantic Records- January 22, 1958

2927                  Sweet Sue, Just You                       Atlantic 2072
2928                  Switchin’                                           unissued
2929                  Go Red Go                                        –
2930                  (We’re Gonna) Jump For Joy      Atlantic 1184
2931                   Blues In The Night                        Atlantic 1184
Hilton Jefferson-alto sax; King Curtis-tenor sax; Michael Chimes-harmonica; Howard Biggs-piano;George Barnes, Billy Mure-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums

Blues In The Night

Atlantic Records- September 29, 1959

3809                      Chains Of Love                       Atlantic 2054
3810                       My Little Honeydripper         –
3811                        Tomorrow Night                   Atlantic 2044
3812                        Honey Hush                          Atlantic 2044
Taft Jordan-trumpet; King Curtis, Al Sears- tenor sax; Budd Johnson-bar. sax; Ernie Hayes- piano; Mickey Baker-guitar, Wally Richardson, Paul Winter-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Belton Evans-drums; Jesse Stone- arranger.

*Atlantic Records Discography Project 1954-1959
**Lloyd Trotman’s personal papers and financial records 1954-1959