Varetta Dillard

Savoy Records- January 22,1952
I’m Lonesome                  unissued
Most Sincerely                    –
Hurry Up                          Savoy 839*
Please Tell Me Why        Savoy 839*
Elmer Crumbley-trombone; Dave McRae- alto, bar sax; Count Hastings-tenor sax;
Kelly Owens-piano, arranger; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Lester Jenkins-drums.
*Lloyd Trotman Discography

Groove Jan. 17,1956
G5PB0810-6          Cherry Blossom                                                              Groove 0152
G5PB0811-4            Mama Don’t Want(What Poppa Don’t Want)         Groove 0139
G5PB0812-5            Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song             –
G5PB0847-4            If You Want To Be My Baby Groove 0167
King Curtis ten sax; Heywood Henry; Budd Johnson ten sax; Ernie Hayes piano; Mickey Baker guitar;Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Leroy Kirkland-leader; the Four Students-vocal  group

If You Want To Be My Baby

Groove-March 29, 1956
G5GP3058-2                      That Old Feeling                                         unissued
G5GP3059-4                      I’m Gonna Tell My Daddy On You          Groove 0152
Jesse Stone-leader; Taft Jordan-trumpet; Al Sears-tenor sax; Heywood Henry-baritone sax; Ernie Hayes-piano; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums ;Oliver Jones; Joseph Smalls; James Breedlove; Abel De Costa; Luther Dixon; Charles C Calhoun

Groove June 26,1956
G5JB5783-6                    Got You On My Mind                     Groove 0159
G5JB5784-5                    Skinny Jimmy                                   –
G5JB5785-5                    See See Rider                                    unissued
G5JB5786-12                  I Can’t Help My Self                        Groove 0177
King Curtis- tenor sax; Haywood Henry bar.sax; George Berg-bass sax; George Rhodes-piano;
Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Joe Thomas- sax;
Leroy Kirkland-arranger

Darling Listen To the words Of This Song

August 20,1957 RCA Victor Studio A
Pennies From Heaven                          unissued                      BCD15431
Undecided                                             BCD 15431                    RCA Victor October 1957 47-7057
The Night Is Never Long Enough     unissued                       BCD 15431
Jesse Stone-leader; George Barnes-guitar; Al Sears –sax; Lloyd Trotman-bass; David Francis-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Lawrence Brown-trombone.

** BeBop Wino:Varetta Dillard-Double Crossing Daddy
**** Varetta Dillard-GOT YOU ON MY MIND-BCD 15431- linernotes