Jackie Wilson

Image (109)Brunswick recorded at Pythian Temple on July 12,1957; released August 1957

REET PETITE                                              55024
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

Panama Francis-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass;
Sam Taylor –tenor sax; Ernie Gale-guitar
Writers: Berry Gordy, Roquel Billy Davis
Producer: Dick Jacobs

** JACKIE WILSON Lonely Teardrops-Tony Douglas Routledge Taylor&Francis Group pp.61-62;p.258
*** Lloyd Trotman’s financial record book and appointment book lists a Decca (Brunswick) record date on July 12,1957 produced by Dick Jacobs at Pythian Temple
****wwwdiscogs.com Jackie-Wilson-Lonely-Teardrops

Reet Petite

Brunswick released November 17, 1958

LONELY TEARDROPS                                                  55105
In The Blue Of The Evening

Writers: Berry Gordy; Roquel “Billy Davis; Gwendolyn Gordy
producer, arranger, conductor: Dick Jacobs; Nat Tarnopol; Berry Gordy

*No musicians are listed. However, Lloyd Trotman states that he recorded this song and his financial records and appointment books indicate an August 14, 1958 Decca record date with Dick Jacobs at the Pythian Temple. There is a VERY STRONG POSSIBILITY that this was the Lonely Teardrops record date.
** JACKIE WILSON Lonely Teardrops Tony Douglas pp.69-70; p.258
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