King Curtis

The Everest Sessions
King Curtis and his OrchestraImage (97)king curtis

August 26-28,1960 Belock Studios, Bayside,Long Island
Everest LPBR 5121, mono 1960

1. Close Your Eyes
2. Unchained Melody
3. Off Shore
4. The Nearness of You
5. Misty
6. Stranger
7. When I Fall In Love
8. It Ain’t Necessarily So
9. Our Love Is Here To Stay
10. My Love Is Your Love
11. Sweet and Lovely
12. Azure
Ernie Royal- trumpet; Ray Beckenstein-fluggle horn; Eddie Bert trombone;
Marshall Royal-clarinet, alto sax; King Curtis tenor sax; Ernie Hayes-piano;
Billy Bauer, Mundell Lowe-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass;
Panama Francis-drums; Sammy Lowe- director

*Azure- linernotes-Bill Dahl

Best of King Curtis

November 26, 1956
R-1510                              King’s Rock                               Apollo 507; LP 490
R-1511                               Dynamite at Midnight            Apollo 507; LP 490
King Curtis tenor sax; Haywood Henry-Bar. sax; Ernie Hayes-piano;Mickey Baker-guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums.

October 29, 1957 New York
H2PB-7635-8                         The Count and the King                      RCA EP 4196
H2PB-7636-4                        Battle Royal                                            RCA EP 4196
King Curtis, Lowell” Count” Hastings-tenor sax; Jimmy Cleveland, Freddie Zito-trombone;
Haywood Henry- bar.sax; Ernie Hayes-piano; Al Casamenti, Danny Perry, Everett Barksdale-guitar;Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Leroy Kirkland-arranger/director
*Wail Man Wail -The Best Of King Curtis 1952-1961

King Curtis It Ain’t Necessarily So