Otis Blackwell

Groove- New York June 24,1954

E4HB-4711          I Face This World Alone                         Groove previously unreleased
E4HB-4712          O-O-O-Oh!                                                Groove previously unreleased
E4HB-4713          Oh! What A Babe                                     Groove 4G-0034
E4HB-4714          Here I Am Groove                                    Groove 4G-0034

Sam Taylor-tenor sax; Heywood Henry-Bar. sax; Fred Washington-piano; Mickey Baker- guitar;
Lloyd Trotman- bass; Martin Wilson

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Atlantic Records- September 30,1957

2798                            When You’re Around                     Atlantic 1165
2799                            What A Coincidence                       Atlantic 1178
2800                           Turtle Dove                                      –
2801                            Make Ready For Love                     Atlantic 1165
Ray Ellis (+overtime)

*ATLANTIC RECORDS A Discography volume 1 -page 103
Compiled by Michel Ruppli
Geenwood Press- 1979 Page 103
** Musicians are not listed. However, Lloyd Trotman’s financial record date book
records a September 30, 1957 Atlantic record date with Ray Ellis.


All Shook Up                     MGM LP3912                late 1950’s
Music And Fire                 –

Sheldon Powell, Buddy Lucas, Albert Johnson-saxes; Bert Keyes or Ernie Hayes-piano; Mickey Baker, Wally Richardson, Everett Barksdale or George Barnes-guitars; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums
*Lloyd Trotman discography papers