Mickey Baker

May 5,1954-RCA Victor Studio 2-Groove

Mickey Baker- Larry Dale

E4HB4122                  I’m Tired                                        Groove 0020Mickey Baker2
E4HB4123                  Where Is My Honey                    Groove 0020
E4HB4124                  Stranger Blues Groove                unissued BCD15654
E4HB 4125                  I Wish I Knew                              unissued BCD15654
Mickey Baker-guitar; Larry Dale-vocals, guitar; Sam Taylor-sax; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Pinky Williams-sax; Al Williams-piano; Haywood Henry- bar sax
June 21,1954      RCA Victor       Studio 1         Groove

E4HB4728         You Better Heed my Warning                  Groove 0029
E4HB 4730        Please Tell Me                                              Groove 0029
E4HB 4727         Down To The Bottom                                 Groove unissued
E4HB4729          Midnight Hours                                        Groove unissued    Larry Dale-vocal; Mickey Baker-guitar; Jack Dupree-piano; Sam Taylor, Haywood Henry- sax; Panama Francis-drums; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Lesley Johnakins-sax


March 21, 1954      Atlantic

A 1240                      Runaway                     Atlantic 1028
Taft Jordan- trumpet; Dave McRae-sax; Sam Taylor- tenor sax; Al Williams piano;
Lloyd Trotman-bass, Joe Marshall-drums; Jesse Stone- bandleader

June 6, 1956 Groove

G5JW 5788           Worried ‘Bout You, Baby            Groove 0161
Roy ‘Mr. Guitar” Gaines; George Rhodes-piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis- drums;
Mickey Baker- guitar

September 26, 1957 The Vik Recordings

H4PB7072             Ghost Of A Chance             Vik unissued           BCD15654
H4PB7073             Chloe                                     Vik unissued            BCD15654
H4PB7076             The Man I Love                   Vik unissued           BCD15654
H4PB7077             Bobi                                      Vik unissued             BCD15654
Mickey Baker- guitar,Ray Crawford-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; David ‘Specs” Bailey-drums;
Ray Baretto-bongos


June 18, 1959 Atlantic

A-3608             First Love                     Atlantic 2036
A- 3609             St. Louis Blues             –

Kitty Noble, Mickey Baker; Herman Foster-piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums

October 15, 1959 Atlantic

A- 3823           My Reverie                Atlantic 2046
A- 3824           Buttercup                    –
Urbie Green-trombone; Sam Taylor, Budd Johnson- tenor sax; Daniel Quill bar sax;
Charles Macey, George Barnes, Allen Hanson-guitars; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Panama Francis-drums
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