Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra

King April 2, 1952

K-8188         Please Be Careful vocals-Pigmeat Peterson                                                      King 4545
K-8189          Loaded With Love vocals- Corky Robbins, Johnny Bosworth                    King 4534
K-8190         When I Gave You My Love vocals- Corky Robins, Johnny Bosworth         King 4545
K-8191          Ram-Bunk-Shush                                                                                                  King 4534

Lucky Millinder –arranger, director; Abdul Salaam, Frank Galbreath, Jimmy Nottingham, Lamar Wright-trumpets; Fred Zito, Henderson Chambers, Tyree Glenn- trombone; Hilton Jefferson, Rudy Powell-alto sax; Count Hastings, Harry Johnson-tenor sax; Norman Thornton-bar. sax; Danny Small- piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Ed Shaunghnessy-drums; prob. Skeeter Best-guitar; Pigmeat Peterson, Corky Robins, Johnny Bosworth –vocals.

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