Nappy Brown

September 29, 1955              Savoy

SNB6750                      Deedle I Love You (Deedle I Do)                 Savoy 1176
SNB6751                       Am I                                                                   Savoy 1196
SNB7652                      Love Locks Savoy                                             MG 10002
SNB6753                       Sittin’ In The Dark                                         Savoy 1176
Warren Luckey, Al Sears –tenor sax; Dave McRae- bar sax; Ernie Hayes-piano; Mickey Baker-guitar;Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Howard Biggs- arranger, director.

March 15, 1960                    Savoy

SNB9907                 Baby Cry, Cry Baby                           Savoy 1587
SNB9908                 Your Eyes And Your Mouth            unissued
SNB9909                 Apple Of My Eye                               Savoy 1588
SNB9910                  Baby I Got News For You                 –
Earl Warren- alto sax; King Curtis, Al Sears- tenor sax; Robert Banks-piano;
Mickey Baker, Wally Richardson-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums;
Sammy Lowe-arranger.

Apple Of My Eye

March 17, 1960                       Savoy

SNB9911                    How Times Have Changed                    unissued
SNB9912                    How I Need Your Love                          –
SNB9913                    What’s Come Over You Baby               Savoy 1587
SNB9914                    Your Love                                                 unissued
Earl Warren-alto sax; King Curtis, Al Sears – tenor sax; Robert Banks- piano;
Mickey Baker, Wally Richardson-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums; Sammy Lowe- arranger
*Savoy Records Discography 1955; 1960