The Coasters

Capitol Studios-June 12-13,1957

57C-229         Wait A Minute                   1 (59C-4083)

Jesse Stone- director, poss. producer; Lowell “Count” Hastings- tenor sax; Mike Stoller- prob.arranger; Kenny Burrell-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums.


Capitol Studios- December 4, 1957 Atlantic Records

57C-326           Wait A Minute -1 57C-3700 (59C-3700)            6186 LP135
57C-327            I’m Fallin’ (59C-3701) unissued
57C-328            Dance! (59C-3702)                                                 6111 EP4507
57C-329            Gee, Golly-1 (59C-3703)                                        6111 EP 4507

57C-328             Dance     Extended remix                                     Clarion LP 605

Mike Stoller- arranger ,piano; Seldon “Jesse” Powell-tenor sax; Adolph Jacobs Al Caiola-guitars;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall and Alvin Stoller-drums; Harry Breuer-Tamborine;

Yakety Yak


Atlantic Studios- March 17,1958

4121/ 58C-363       Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart          Atco 6116
4122/ 58C-364       Three Cool Cats                                               Atco 6132
4123/58C-365        Yakety Yak                                                        Atco 6116
4124/58C-366       Stewball                                                             Atco 6168

Mike Stoller-arranger, piano, “King” Curtis-tenor sax; Clifton “Skeeter” Best-banjo;
Adolph Jacobs, Alan Hanlon guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums;
Francisco “Chino” Pozo-congas; REGGIE OBRECHT-director; Tom Dowd-engineer;
Leiber-Stoller- producers

Three Cool Cats

*Lloyd Trotman’s financial records specifically states that he recorded the Coasters March 17,1958 Atlantic record date. There was overtime and REGGIE OBRECHT was the contractor, director.
** Coasters Web Site- Recording sessions- discography
*** December 4, 1957; March 17, 1958