Ivory Joe Hunter

Ivory_Joe_Hunter_musician[1]Atlantic Records- October 29, 1954

1343          It May Sound Silly                         Atlantic 1049
1344           I’ll Never Leave You Baby           Atlantic LP 8008
1345            It’s A Doggone Cryng Shame      –
1346            I Got To Learn To Mambo         Atlantic 1049

Budd Johnson-tenor sax ; Ivory Joe Hunter- piano, vocals;
Financial records book SPECIFICALLY STATES that Lloyd Trotman recorded with
Ivory Joe Hunter for Atlantic Records Oct 29/Nov 3 ,1954.

It May Sound Silly Ivory Joe Hunter

Atlantic Records- March 26,1955

1462             That’s Why                                      Atlantic LP 8008
1463             Heaven Came Down To Earth    Atlantic 1066
1464              I Need You                                     Atlantic LP 8008
1465              I Want Somebody                         Atlantic 1066
Budd Johnson-tenor sax
Lloyd Trotman’s financial records show that he recorded with Atlantic Records
on March 26, 1955 ,with double overtime with Howard Biggs as the contractor.

Atlantic Records- November 19,1955

1697                   That’s Why I Dream                     Atlantic 1095
1698                   I Need You By My Side                Atlantic 1086
1699                    You Mean Everything To Me     Atlantic 1095
1700                    A Tear Fell                                     Atlantic 1086

Lloyd Trotman’s financial record book SPECIFICALLY STATES that this November 19,1955 Atlantic record date was with Ivory Joe Hunter. Howard Biggs was the contractor. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and
Jerry Wexler

Atlantic Records- October 9, 1957

2806                          You’re On My Mind                                   Atlantic1173
2807                          You Gave Me Every Thing But Love      unissued
2808                          Now I Don’t Worry No More                  Atlantic 2020
2809                          Baby, Baby Count On Me                         Atlantic 1173

Ray Ellis Orchestra
Leon Cohen- alto sax; Dick Hyman- organ; Allen Hanlon, Billy Mure- guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall- drums; Ray Ellis- arranger, conductor;
produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.


Atlantic Records- March 5, 1958

3012                                  I Just Want To Love you              Atlantic 2020
3013                                  Shooty Booty                                  Atlantic 1183
3014                                  You Flip Me Baby                          Atlantic 1183
3015                                   I’m So Glad I Found You            Atlantic 1183

Reggie Obrecht’s Orchestra
Sam Taylor- tenor sax; Budd Johnson- ten,bar.sax; Mike Stoller- piano; Dick Hyman-organ;
Everett Barksdale, Kenny Burrell- guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Joe Marshall-drums;
Reggie Obrecht- director

Ivory Joe Hunter Shooty Booty

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