Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra: THE TREASURY SHOWS vol.16
CD 1 -Treasury Broadcast No.30
ABC Studio 6-B Radio City, NYC, November 10,1945

1. Take The A Train
2. Just A Sittin’ And Rockin’
4. 9:20 Special
5. Frustration
7. Jennie
8. Dancing In The Dark-vocal Kay Davis
10.Passion Flower
13.Get On Board Little Children-vocal the Mellotones
15.Black,Brown & Beige: Come Sunday, Light
!7.11:60 PM-vocal Joya Sherrill
18.Tell It To A Star
19.I Ain’t Got Nothing But The Blues-vocal Al Hibbler, Kay Davis
20.Cotton Tail
21.Waiting For The Train To Come In
22.Star Spangled Banner

Personnel: Taft Jordan, Shelton Hemphill, Cat Anderson-trumpet; Rex Stewart-cornet; Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown, Claude Jones-trombone; Al Sears- ten sax; Jimmy Hamilton- ten sax; Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick-alto sax; Harry Carney-bar.sax; Duke Ellington-piano; Fred Guy- guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Sonny Greer-drums; Kay Davis, Joya Sherrill, Al Hibbler, Mellotones- vocals
*Duke Ellington Treasury Shows 2 CD set vol.16 liner notes

Duke Ellington DUKE’S JOINT
Broadcast 10/15/45 from the Club Zanzibar New York City
Buddha Records-1999
10. I’ll Buy That Dream
11. Fickle Fling
12. Autumn Serenade
13. How Deep Is The Ocean

Personnel: Duke Ellington-piano; Rex Stewart, Shelton Hemphill, Taft Jordan,
Cat Anderson- trumpet; Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown-trombone; Claude Jones-vtb;
Jimmy Hamilton-clarinet; tenor sax; Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick-alto sax; Al Sears-ten sax; Harry Harney-bars; Fred Guy-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Sonny Greer-drums; Joya Sherrill, Kay Davis-vocals
*Duke Ellington DUKE’S JOINT liner notes

GREAT TIMES Piano Duets Duke Ellington Billy Strayhorn (Videos Below)

September 13, 1950- recorded for the Mercer label; released on Riverside Records RLP-475
Duke EllingtonM4005     Perdido                           MERCER 1952
M4006     Take The “A” Train         MERCER 1959
M4007     Oscalypso                       MERCER 1952
M4008    Blues For Blanton            MERCER 1959
M4009     12 O’Clock  Bump unissued
Duke Ellington-piano; Billy Strayhorn –celeste; Oscar Pettiford-cello;
Lloyd Trotman –bass; Jo Jones-drums
* Lloyd Trotman Discography