Ruth Brown

Atlantic Records- July 2, 1953

1089 The Tears Keep Tumblin’ Down Atlantic 1005
1090 Just A Little Walk unissued
1091 Just Enough –
Jimmy Nottingham- trumpet; Burnie Peacock- alto sax; Willis Jackson-Ten sax; Ernest “Pinky” Williams-bar. Sax; Harry Van Walls-piano; Mickey Baker-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Connie Kay-drums.

Atlantic Records-November 1, 1953

1138 Ever Since My Baby’s Been Gone Atlantic 1051
1139 If I Had Any Sense Atlantic 1027
1140 If You Don’t Want Me Atlantic 1018
1141 Too Many Men Atlantic EP 575
1142 I Shouldn’t Have Done That unissued
Taft Jordan-trumpet; Sam Taylor- ten sax; Ernest ”Pinky” Williams- bar sax; Hank Jones- piano; Mickey Baker- guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Connie Kay- drums; Joe M. Ricci- tambourine

Atlantic Records- December 16,1953

1170 Love Contest Atlantic 1018
1171 Oon Hot Dog unissued
1172 Hello Little Boy Atlantic 1027
Sam Taylor- Ten sax; Paul Williams- bar sax; Kelly Owens- piano 1-2; John Lewis-piano 3;
Mickey Baker- guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Joe Marshall- drums.

Hello Little Boy

Atlantic Records- September 25,1956

2123 Lucky Lips Atlantic 1125
2124 When I Get You Baby Atlantic 1140
2125 I’d Pay The Price Again unissued
2126 One More Time Atlantic 1140 LP 026
No musicians are listed for this session.
* Lloyd Trotman financial records indicates that he worked with Ray Ellis at Atlantic Records on September 25, 1956 which included overtime.

Atlantic Records- December 5, 1957

2858 Just Too Much Atlantic 1177
2859 Book Of Lies –
2860 Pity Pity On Me unissued
Jerome Richardson alto sax; Dick Hyman-piano; Al Caiola, Allen Hanlon, Mundell Lowe- guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall- drums; produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

Book of Lies

Atlantic Records-July 30, 1958

3104 I Haven’t Met unissued
3105 This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’ Atlantic 1197
3106 Why Me –
Steve Lipkins, Joe Wilder-trumpet; King Curtis-ten sax; Mike Stoller- piano; Everett Barksdale, Mickey Baker, Charles Macey-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums; Brad Spinny- percussion; Howard Biggs- arranger; Ahmet Ertegun , Jerry Wexler- producers.
* July 30,1958

**Atlantic Records Discography Project 1953-1958
***Lloyd Trotman’s personal papers and financial records for 1953 to 1958