Atlantic Records- March 4, 1953
1017             Good Lovin’                   Atlantic 1000
1018             I Confess                        Atlantic 1046
Sam Taylor-ten sax; Harry Van Walls-piano; Bill Harris-guitar;
Lloyd Trotman-bass; Connie Kay-drums; arranged by Jesse Stone;
produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial records specifically labels this as a Clovers record date
with Bill Harris as contractor

Good Lovin

Atlantic Records- December 15, 1953
1167                      Only When I Dream unissued
1168                      Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash           –
1169                       Down In The Alley                                      Atlantic LP 8163
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial book records an Atlantic record date on this day, Dec. 15,1953 with Bill Harris as the contractor

Atlantic Records     April 16, 1954
1262                      Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Cash                          Atlantic EP 570
1263                      In The Morning Time                                                Atlantic 1060
1264                      Nobody But You                                                         unissued
Bill Harris- guitar
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial record book specifically records a Bill Harris Atlantic record date for April 16,1954

I Confess

Atlantic Records         August 28,1954
1315                       Almighty Oh Sweetie                                                    Atlantic 1046
1316                       Only When I Dream                                                      unissued
1317                        Love Bug                                                                            –
*Bill Harris- Atlantic record date recorded for Aug. 27 in Lloyd Trotman’s 1954 financial records

Atlantic Records       December 16, 1954
1402                                           Blue Velvet                                        Atlantic 1052
4103                                            Love Bug                                           Atlantic 1060
1404                                           If You Love Me                                 Atlantic 1052
*Bill Harris- Jesse Stone Atlantic record date recorded for Dec.16, 1954 in Lloyd Trotman’s financial records

Blue Velvet

Atlantic Records April 7, 1955
1480 If I Could Be Loved By You Atlantic 1073 LP 8034
1481 Love, Love, Love Atco SD 33-374
1482 Nip Sip Atlantic 1073 LP8034
1483 Kiss Me Before You Go unissued
*Bill Harris- Atlantic record date plus overtime recorded for April 7,1955 in Lloyd Trotman’s financial records

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