Mickey & Sylvia

November 8, 1953 New York

C-1147              Senorita                    unissued
C-1148              Fine Love                 CAT 102
C-1149              Speedy Love            –
C-1150              Old Letters              unissued
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Vanderpool- vocals; Sam Taylor-tenor sax; Jesse Stone-piano; Connie Kay-drums; Lloyd Trotman-bass.


1955 Vik
H4PBW2730                     Peace of Mind                  unissued BCD15438
G5WB 5291-4                    Who knows Why             LX 1102 BCD 1438
I’ve Got A Feeling            –
Shake It Up                       –
Mickey Baker-vocals,guitar; Sylvia Vanderpool vocals; Haywood Henry-baritone sax; Ernie Hayes- piano; Dave Bailey-drums; Lloyd Trotman-bass; unknown trombone

June 8, 1955 Beltone

R8410                         Se De Boom Run Dun                          Rainbow 316
R8140                         I’m So Glad                                             Rainbow316
H4PW2727                 Forever And A Day                               Rainbow 318
H4PW2729                 Rise Sally Rise                                       Rainbow 318
Mickey Baker-guitar,vocals; Sylvia Vanderpool-vocals; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Dave Bailey- drums;
Ernie Hayes-piano; Heywood Henry- baritone sax

September 22, 1955 Belltone

H4PW2728                           Where Is My Honey                        Rainbow 330
H4PW2726                           Seems Like Just Yesterday           Rainbow 330
H4PW2730                           Peace Of Mind                                 unissued
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Vanderpool; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Dave Bailey- drums; Ernie Hayes-piano;
Heywood Henry- baritone sax

No Good Lover

July 13, 1956 RCA Victor studio 2

G5WB6127                         Walkin’ In The Rain                                G0164
G5WB6126                         No Good Lover                                         G0164
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Vanderpool; Lloyd Trotman- Bass; Joe Marshall- drums; Ernie Hayes-piano;
Haywood Henry, Budd Johnson, Sam Taylor-sax; Taft Jordan-trumpet


April 3,1958 RCA Victor studio B

J4PB- 2615                         Bewildered unissued                     BCD 15438
J4PB2616                           Rock And Stroll Room                   BCD 15438
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Vanderpool-vocals; Lloyd Trotman- Bass; Panama Francis- drums;
Ernie Hayes-piano; King Curtis, Haywood Henry-sax; Seldon Powell- sax, flute;
Everett Barksdale, Danny Perri-guitar

May 23, 1958 RCA Victor Studio B

J4PB 3969                              Hello Stranger                             unissued
J4PB 3970                              My Love                                        unissued
J4Pb 3971                               Mommy Out De Light                unissued
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson; Billy Mure-guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Panama Francis-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Eric Dixon, Philip Brodner-woodwinds; Philip Cadway-tuba; Haywood Henry-sax

July 20, 1960 RCA Victor Studio B

L5PW 3057                            Mommy Out De Light                       47-7874
L5PW 3056 ,                          What Would I Do                               47-7811
L5PW 3058                             Sweeter As The Day Goes By           47-7774
L5PW3059                              Love Lesson                                         47-7877
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson; Carl Lynch, Billy Bauer-guitar; Joe Marshall- drums;
Bert De Coteau-piano; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Sammy Lowe- contractor; Hugo and Luigi producers

Mommy Out The Light

September 26, 1960 Vik

L5PW-4437                      This Is My Story                               VICTOR 47-7811
L5PW-4438                     Gonna Work Out Fine                     unissued
King Curtis-tenor sax; Kenny Burrell-guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass; Panama Francis-drums.

February 14, 1961 RCA Victor Studio A

M5PW 117                        Dearest                           unissued                   BCD 15438
M5PW 1173                     Baby You’re So Fine     unissued                   BCD15438
M5PW1174 Love Is the Only thing 47-7877
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson; Carl Lynch, Billy Brauer- guitar; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Joe Marshall-drums; Panama Francis- drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Sammy Lowe- leader.

March 1,1961 RCA Victor studio A

M5PW2211                      No Good Lover                      unissued                     BCD15438
M5PW 1200                     Baby You’re So fine 2          unissued                     BCD15438
Mickey Baker, Sylvia Robinson; Carl Lynch, Robert Bushnell-guitar; Lloyd Trotman- bass;
Panama Francis-drums; Ernie Hayes-piano; Sammy Lowe-leader

1961 New York – Willow

894W-1191                      Since I Fell For You                               WILLOW 23004
894W-1192                      I’m Guilty                             rejected
894W-1192                      He Gave Me Everything                     WILLOW 23004
894W-1196                       Darling (I Miss You So) –
894W-1199                       I’m Guilty
Mickey Baker-vocals, guitar; Sylvia Vanderpool-vocals; Lloyd Trotman-bass; Bernard Purdie- drums
*Lloyd Trotman’s financial record book lists two Mickey Baker record dates for November 1961

*Mickey And Sylvia- LOVE IS STRANGE- Bear Family Records -Hambergen, Germany-Liner notes
**Mickey Baker – ROCK WITH A SOCK –Bear Family Records –Hambergen,Germany – Liner notes
***Mickey Baker- IN THE 50’s: HIT< GIT & SPLIT Rev-OiA Cherry Red Records- London, UK-Liner notes
**** Lloyd Trotman discography


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